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What causes dry and chapped lips?

What causes dry and chapped lips?

Applying- Lanolab- to-lips
Applying Lanolab to dry and chapped lips


What causes dry and chapped lips?

Dry and chapped lips are more common than you might think. We have all encountered this at some point in our lives and we have the perfect solution for you.

Did you know that the skin on our lips is much thinner than on other parts of our body? Below are some of the common causes of dry and chapped lips.

  • Winter weather conditions may cause dry and chapped lips

With colder winter weather approaching the dry air and windy conditions are common culprits behind chapped lips. The dry weather sucks the moisture out of your lips to ‘help add moisture to the environment and the wind just add to the problem by increasing the evaporative water loss.”

  • Summer weather conditions may cause dry and chapped lips

The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive particularly in extreme weather conditions making them more prone to sun damage. Frequent sun exposure in the summer can also worsen the condition.

  • Excessive licking your lips may cause dry and chapped lips

Licking your lips may feel good, but it won’t help in the long run. When lips get dry, they can feel tight and might even crack and sting. Be conscious of this habit, and ask others to point out when you are doing it so that you can actively work on quitting.

You might not even be aware that you are licking or even pulling on your lips especially if they are dry and flaky and these habits can worsen if the skin on the lips is unusually dry.

  • Dehydration may cause dry and chapped lips

Dry lips could be a sign of dehydration because lip skin is very thin and has no oil or sweat glands. Water loss through the lips is actually 3 to 10 times greater than through the skin on the face or other skin on the body.

When you notice that your lips are dry, down a few glasses of water to help replenish some of your body’s stores

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Teens love Lanolab

Any teen or anyone on acne medication knows that one of the worst side effects is dry and flaky lips. Let Lanolab come to the rescue! Lanolab’ s the perfect combination of papaya extract and lanolin is soothing and hydrating – give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the results.
Because papain – the papaya extract in our balm – is a natural exfoliator, it breaks down dead skin cells, and at the same time, its natural anti-inflammatory properties help heal lips and keep them so.

Our multi-use balm’s ingredients

Lanolin, nature’s hydrating superhero

  • Locks in moisture • Rejuvenates skin • Won’t clog pores • Accelerates healing

Lanolin is our hero ingredient in Lanolab, and is best known as a nipple cream. It really works miracles when it comes to soothing and healing dry and chapped lips. It is what makes Lanolab such a multi-use balm, from healing chapped lips, cracked heels and damaged cuticles to soothing minor burns, skin irritations, cracked nipples, nappy rash and loads more.

Lanolin Fast Facts

  • Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool, helping to condition and protect it from the elements, and it is these super-moisturising qualities that make it a popular ingredient in skin and hair products.
  • No sheep are harmed when extracting lanolin from sheep’s wool. This is performed after the sheep have been sheared.
  • Lanolin is an emollient that locks moisture into the skin and allows the skin to moisturise itself from within.
  • Lanolin is very lightweight and won’t clog pores. It forms a non-occlusive barrier, which means it doesn’t smother the skin.

• Because lanolin is all-natural, it is generally safe for everyone to use, and can be used frequently throughout the day.

Lanolin’s wax-like texture seals in moisture and will prevent further chapping. This accelerates the repair by preventing any further water or moisture from escaping.

Packed with papaya extract

Flat-lay of-Papaya- and- Lanolab- balm
Papayas and Lanolab balm


The papaya enzyme extract that’s packed into our magic balm is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory, which is why Lanolab helped soothe and heal Lanolab’ s all-round healing properties are legendary: from your tips (think damaged cuticles and cracked heels) to your lips, the papaya extract will help keep skin healthy, calm, and happy. Just the way it should be.

These two hero ingredients work hand in hand to soothe dry and chapped lips while restoring your lips natural moisture.

Model -smiling-with- Lanolab- to- soothe -dry- lips
Model with Lanolab to soothe dry lips

We have said it before, Lanolab is the best balm for soothing and hydrating dry & chapped lips. Lanolab seals in the moisture. Unlike petroleum emollients, the lanolin won’t clog your pores. It’s an excellent moisturiser that assists in decreasing itching and flaking.

Consider it your bathroom cabinet/nappy bag/handbag/cubbyhole/bedside table essential.

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