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Glowing skin with Lanolab – by Shahnaz loves Beauty

Blog Post by Shahnaz loves Beauty

Glowing skin with Lanolab – by Shahnaz loves Beauty


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Shahnaz from Shahnaz loves beauty

Glowing skin is one of Shahnaz’s favourite skincare topics and when she posted her blog on this topic we knew we had to share it with you.


She shares key trends and how to create looks.

Shahnaz created the blog, Shahnaz Loves Beauty to share key trends, how to create looks, video tutorials and products that she loves. So many women struggle with makeup and hair, what products to use and how to do their makeup. She hopes that her blog is helpful and that it will inspire you to get creative and try out some of my looks.

Lanolab glowing skin



Glowing skin photoshoot.

We were so excited to invite Shahnaz to assist with make-up for a Lanolab skincare photoshoot, especially since anything to do with glowing skin is one of her favourite looks. We know just how many pharmaceutical uses there are for our multi-use balm but we really wanted to showcase how well Lanolab works to add that natural glow, while at the same time keeping your skin hydrated and without blocking your pores.


Model-with-Lanolab-on cheeks- and -lips
Lanolab glow



“I am all about that glow.”

As you know I am all about the glow and I love to share the glow with everyone. I am always on the lookout for products that can add to the glow or cheat the glow. I was lucky enough to be involved with Lanolab in their recent glow shoot. We focused on beautiful skin firstly. As well as all the ways Lanolab can add glow and hydration to the skin. It’s basically known as the Miracle Lip Balm with lots of uses for the face and body.



What I love about the Lanolab balm is that it’s super affordable.

What I love about  Lanolab balm is that firstly it’s super affordable at R108 and it really does work. My go-to was always Elizabeth Arden 8HR  cream and even though I still love it.  I have been reaching for Lanolab more and more. I have one that I carry around in my handbag and one in my kit. It keeps lips really hydrated and has a subtle glow as well.


It’s infused with Papain Enzyme.

It’s infused with a Papain Enzyme that is extracted from the papaya fruit that works on the surface of the skin to break down dead skin cells. It helps keep skin hydrated, helps reduce inflammation and softens the skin. I love to not only use on the lips but also on the high points of the cheekbones as a balm highlighter. I love that it’s not sticky so this works really well. You can also add over your eyeshadow to make a glossy eye look.

Love it.

Model -with- Lanolab- balm- in -hand
Natural Lanolab glow on cheeks



As adding hydration and a glow to the skin.

As well as adding hydration and a glow to the skin Lanolab has quite a few uses making it a bad boy of a product. Like Lucas Paw Paw also a cult product this balm also helps with minor burns, soots irritated skin, great for babies when they get a rash, great for athletes that run long distances, swimmers and bike riders, it moisturises cuticles and is great to put on heels to stop them from cracking. Plus the balm is 100% natural and is also fragrance-free.


I love that it’s a local product.

I love that it’s a local product as right now it’s all about supporting our local brands. As well as being sold on Lanolab’s own website it’s also available in quite a few stores. Click here to find stockists.

Shahnaz x

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