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Lanolab featured in Glamour

Glamour Editors Around the World on the Beauty Products They Can’t Live Without


We were SO excited to see that Lanolab featured in an international Glamour Magazine in April 2021 and it is such an honour to have Nontando Mposo, editor in chief of Glamour South Africa choose Lanolab as one of two products as her personal award-winning products.

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A year ago our world completely changed. As our health and wellness became a priority during the pandemic, our routines shifted, and the comforts that were once small luxuries took on an increasingly important role in our lives.

It’s something Glamour‘s editors in chief around the globe know well. Collectively, they’ve seen the ways in which their readers—who span four continents—have navigated the past 12 months, whether that be working from home while also managing childcare or finding an escape in luxurious face cream or warm shower. With limits on in-person beauty services and social distancing and mask-wearing requirements, we’ve had to try our hands at being our own hairstylistsmanicurists, and facialists. But we’ve also had fun experimenting—buying new skin-care tools we saw on TikTok or rediscovering a love of hairstyling—which is what our annual Glamour Beauty Awards are all about.

Nontando Mposo, editor in chief of Glamour South Africa

What are the biggest beauty trends in your country right now?

In South Africa, some of the current beauty trends include skin and eyes. Taking care of your skin comes first. Well-moisturized and healthy, glowing skin means you can go with little to no makeup. And for eyes, false lashes are big business now and a must-wear for makeup lovers—the more dramatic the lashes, the better. Magnetic lashes are also fast gaining popularity as they are easier to apply and last longer.

How did the pandemic change your beauty routine?

With mask-wearing becoming mandatory, I now wear less makeup, which means my skin can breathe more often. My routine hasn’t changed much otherwise. Sunscreen is still an essential step in my routine, even though I’m working from home. Working from home also means I have the time to make juices with ingredients, such as carrots, kale, etc., that help take care of my skin from the inside. I also have more time to use all sorts of face masks several times a week.

What products are your personal award winners?

Wet n Wild Prime Focus Primer Serum is my favourite. I have oily skin, and this primer gives my face a refined and matte finish when I’m going makeup-free.

LanoLab Multi-Use Natural Balm is another. It works like magic on my lips and as a hand lotion. It’s rich and smells amazing.

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A bit more information on our multi-use balm

Flat-lay of Lanolab tube

Flat-lay of Lanbolab multi-use balm

Lanolab’s two hero ingredients are Papain + Lanolin = Lanolab

     • Paraben-free • Fragrance free• All-natural • Proudly South African

Lanolab’ s ingredient list is simple. It combines two of nature’s celebrated natural healers, lanolin, and papain extract, to create a bomb that is soothing, hydrating and has powerful healing properties. You can use it on burns, grazes, skin irritations, and minor cuts, plus it works wonders on cracked nipples, dry heels and hands, damaged cuticles, chapped lips, and cold-ravaged noses. The list goes on and on. Lanolin is extracted from sheep’s wool, and locks in your skin’s moisture, while papain is derived from papaya and works to calm inflammation. Together their healing powers are impressive, as we hear over and over again from happy Lanolin users.


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