You are currently viewing Lanolab’s the perfect balm for soothing itchy mosquito bites

Lanolab’s the perfect balm for soothing itchy mosquito bites

Lanolab’s the perfect balm for soothing mosquito bites


Clearly, mosquitoes have been a BIG issue this summer – in the bush and in the suburbs! Did you know that our balm is the perfect balm for soothing those bites?

We have had so much positive feedback from Lanolab users about how our balm really soothes and calms skin that has been feasted on by mozzies, like this one from Clare.

Wording of a review
Review on how Lanolab soothes mosquito bites


Why does Lanolab work so well on soothing mosquito bites?

Here’s why Lanolab works so well on bites: our miracle balm is packed with papain, an enzyme that is extracted from the fruit of the papaya. This hard-working enzyme has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, so those sore, itchy mosquito bites don’t stand a chance when you apply a dab of balm to the area. Keep a tube of Lanolab next to your bed, and in your handbag, so you’re always armed and ready when there are mozzies about!


Lanolab also has many other pharmaceutical uses


One-stop-shop for first-aid with Lanolab


A well-stocked first-aid kit is a must for every home. Having the right supplies will ensure you can handle any minor emergency at a moment’s notice. Your parents had first aid kits filled with antibacterial ointments and aqueous creams.

What they didn’t have, was Lanolab – the one-stop-shop for assisting with minor injuries such as cuts, grazes, and minor burns, also soothe nappy rash and itchy bites making it suitable for the whole family.

We’ve said it before – Lanolab is the balm dot com! The benefits that the combined ingredients of lanolin and papaya extract provide are endless.

Ask the pharmacist

Lanolin -with -tube- of -balm
Lanolin with a tube of balm


We chatted to the pharmacist, Yasin Khan to ask him what the essentials are that he would pack in his first-aid kit.

Yasin worked as a pharmacist dispensing medication for over 9 years before furthering his studies and completing an MBA and for this reason, we couldn’t think of a more experienced person in the pharmaceutical industry to share insight into the necessities for a first-aid box.

“Remember, these first-aid kit items should aid with battling 80% of the problems that people normally encounter. A first-aid kit is not for long term treatment, its aim is to stabilise until you are able to seek further medical attention” says Yasin.

First-aid kit checklist


Besides for Lanolab multi-use balm for any minor burn on a small patch of skin, itchy bite, chafe cut or graze here is the list of other first-aid items that Yasin recommends:

Latex gloves

Adhesive bandages & plasters

Burn shield

Antihistamines -These should work for most types of minor allergic reactions.

Anti-inflammatory medication

Anti-nausea medication

After-sun lotion

  Our two ingredients are 100% natural and safe for the whole family to use which makes it the perfect necessity in your first-aid kit.

Lanolab contains two natural ingredients



Our hero ingredient, Lanolin assists with protecting and nourishing the skin while locking in moisture.


Papaya enzyme

Lanolab is made with papaya extract


The anti-inflammatory properties of the papaya enzyme will assist with speeding up the healing process and will soothe any inflamed area of the skin. The perfect ingredient to soothe mosquito bites.


Is Lanolab safe for the whole family to use?


Lanolab is made from 100% natural ingredients – lanolin and papain, which is derived from papaya – and is safe to use on newborns. We have received so much positive feedback from moms saying that Lanolab has helped soothe & heal a nappy rash, cradle cap, minor skin irritations and mosquito bites. The lanolin in Lanolab helps lock in moisture, while papain’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help speed up the healing process. Lanolab is paraben and fragrance-free.



Your baby bag essential balm, Lanolab


Most moms are familiar with the ingredient lanolin which is known as a nipple cream saviour. Lanolab contains this wonder ingredient too and is ideal to use to heal sore and cracked nipples. It works miracles in soothing nappy rashes too. The papaya extract might have a very slight bitter taste and you also would not want your baby to swallow ” bits” of the balm but there should be no other reason to need to wipe it off before breastfeeding.

ALWAYS  consult your GP or paediatrician first if you are not sure or concerned that you or your baby might have an allergic reaction to wool ( lanolin.)

We have a more detailed blogpost on Lanolab and babies here

Lanolab is safe for toddlers to use


Apply Lanolab multi-use balm on the area to soothe any minor cuts; grazes and scratches from falls.  It’s the perfect remedy to soothe mosquito bites of any bug bites and scratches and it won’t sting the skin.



Athletes, cyclists & surfers

Whether you suffer from post-run or swim chafing; saddle sores; grazes; cuts or gravel rash – Lanolab will be your best friend in assisting with soothing and healing those tender areas after a cycle; run or surf.

We’re calling on all adventure enthusiasts   Have you experienced a minor cut, graze, mosquito bite or even a rash while hiking or enjoying the outdoors? Or participated in a multi-day cycle event where saddle sores and chafing are starting to really bother you?
These little sores and irritations can really ruin any experience for you. But we have a mini, travel-sized solution for you that’ll make a huge difference.

Chafe burns – the ‘battle wounds’ you’re probably going to live with for a little while after completing a long run or cycle.

We’ve got you covered! Applying Lanolab to the affected area gives you instant relief and you might even want to keep a tube handy for when you step out of the shower. This is when chafe burn is at its peak. You can thank us later!

While you treat chafing, also be sure to take time to recover from the race properly. Lanolab works to soothe chafing and is great for long-distance runners!

Lanolab soothes post-run chafe


So what are these benefits? To name a few, Lanolab can assist with:

• Insect bites • Dry/chapped lips • Moisturising cuticles • Chafed skin

• Saddle sores or gravel rash • Minor burns • Nappy rash or itchy skin

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, keep this perfect multi-purpose skin repair cream with you while you’re on the go!

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