Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag.

Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag.

Here’s why

Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag. As you set off on this journey with your baby, don’t forget to include your tube of Lanolab balm. Calling all moms and Moms to be, Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag. If you’ve got a new or expecting mom on your gift list, our multi-use balm is the perfect option as the uses are endless!

Read on to see all the great uses for our multi-use balm specifically for baby and you!

A baby is one of life’s most precious gifts and we know that protecting them from harm is your number one priority. Our beauty balm will heal and soothe, naturally. And don’t forget your nips and lips will benefit from Lanolab too as it contains lanolin, nature’s super-power ingredient.

Lanolab is gentle on kids’ skin and will have them feeling better in no time because it’s 100% natural and safe for the entire family to use.

100% Natural and free from fragrance

Nappy bag with Lanolab balm

Why Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag.

It is 100% natural and free from fragrance; it not only soothes nappy rash but is also an antibacterial cream and can be used on minor cuts and scratches!

Our all-over miracle balm is safe to use on babies from birth too. It’s the all-purpose healing balm that soothes and protects babies (and their mama’s) skins.

We all want the very best for our babies-and when a mosquito bite leaves its mark or a nappy rash appears out of the blue, of course, the first thing you want to do is protect and heal them. Lanolab will come to the rescue every time, both for you and your baby.

Turn a little frown upside down – Moms and dads love Lanolab because it’s excellent for soothing and relieving nappy rash.

Calling all moms and moms to be as well as dads!

Mom and baby


Lanolab is the perfect addition to your baby’s nappy bag. If you are a new mom who has tried Lanolab you’ll know why it is considered essential. It’s packed full of natural soothing goodness which makes it safe for both moms and babes.

Got a baby shower coming up? Lanolab is the perfect gift for new moms – a multi-purpose, all-natural fixer in one convenient tube! Most famous as a nipple cream but also the perfect cosmeceutical balm to have ready in your make-up bag. Healing everything from nappy rashes, insect bites and eina’s through to cracked nipples and dry lips.

Lanolab uses for your baby


Lanolin is the best nipple cream

Lanolab works quickly to soothe and heal cracked nipples, taking the pain out of feeding time. It’s an all-natural solution for cracked and sore nipples. Besides being the very best nipple cream, (because of the pharma-grade miracle ingredient, Lanolin) it helps soothe nappy rash and other skin irritations your baby might be suffering. Lanolab will work quickly to soothe and heal cracked nipples, taking the pain out of feeding time.


Nappy Rash

Changing baby with Lanolab balm

We know the feeling when your babe gets a rash on their bum – all you want to do is make the pain and discomfort go away – and Lanolab can help you with that even for a mild case of nappy rash and it won’t sting when applying.

Just apply a small amount to the affected area and let our soothing power ingredients begin the healing process.

Other pharmaceutical uses

Mom and baby

Soothing sore areas and giving sensitive skin time to heal, naturally.

Those little creases of their babylicious thighs, their chapped little cheeks, and their cute little lips

Your lips – their perfect new skin! Your nipples – their cheeks!

As an emergency balm for assisting in the treatment of minor burns, irritating bug bites and small cuts and grazes.

Lanolab works wonders on cradle cap too.

It soothes itchy mosquito bites, scratches and “Einas!” as well – happiness all around!


Let’s talk ingredients


Lanolin and Papaya Extract


Lanolab is locally manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and made with two of nature’s most powerful healers, Lanolin + Papaya Extract =the Lanolab Power Pair.

Papain is an enzyme extracted from papaya that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

The lanolin in Lanolab helps lock in moisture and is hyper-hydrating, keeping skin thoroughly moisturised.a lanolin nipple cream is the very best ingredient for nipple cream and this hero ingredient has many other pharmaceutical uses.

The magic combination of soothing papain extract and all-natural lanolin will always save the day.  Lanolab is paraben-free and fragrance-free.


Do I need to wash off before breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding moms know that Lanolab is a lifesaver when it comes to healing cracked and sore nipples. Lanolab is made entirely from natural ingredients – the papaya enzyme, papain, and lanolin – and won’t harm baby in any way, so there is no need to remove the balm from nipples before breastfeeding. Papain does have a slightly bitter taste, though, so keep an eye out to see if perhaps that causes your baby to fuss.


Is Lanolab all-natural?

Absolutely! Lanolab is made from a mixture of lanolin and papain – both 100% natural ingredients. Lanolin is the natural oil found in sheep’s wool, and it is this magic ingredient that really works wonders when it comes to soothing and healing dry skin.

The lanolin in sheep wool helps condition and protect it from the elements, which is why it is used in numerous skin and hair products.

The lanolin is extracted from the wool after the sheep have been sheared, so no sheep are harmed in the process.

Papain comes from the papaya fruit and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-bacterial properties.

It is the combination of these two gifts from nature that make Lanolab such an effective multi-purpose balm.

You can use it to heal cracked nipples as well as to soothe nappy rash, mozzie bites and a whole range of skin ailments.

And because it is all-natural you can use it with complete peace of mind.

So next time you reach for your baby’s bag don’t forget your tube of Lanolab balm

Customer reviews

Baby in changing basket with Lanolab


Changing basket from

We have received so much positive feedback from moms saying that Lanolab has helped soothe & heal a nappy rash, cradle cap, minor skin Irritations and mosquito bites.

Customer review
Review on Lanolab as a nipple cream

“Deffos to the rescue! I’m on my second tube since baba has been born, I use it on my nips & it’s the only thing that works! Keeps them hydrated & really healed to soothe when they were cracked & sore.” -Charen, Instagram review.

“Def the best multi-purpose balm any new mom needs to have in their bag, my nipples are still thanking me for using this.” – Ilhaam Instagram review.

“My kids and I turn to this for everything, it’s fixed many Einas!”- The Hoek Home Instagram review

Keep a tube in your nappy bag or on your changing table for those ‘Shh…Mama’s here’ moments.

While Lanolab is 100% natural always first consult your GP if you are not sure.

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