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Look flawless, naturally with Lanolab’s multi-use balm


Look flawless, naturally with Lanolab’s multi-use balm

Look flawless, naturally with Lanolab. THE balm you want to keep handy for taming eyebrows, adding a natural highlight to your cheeks as well as for nourishing your lips.


Something’s been missing from your handbag.

Chimpel leather handbag with Lanolab


Something’s been missing from your handbag. It’s Lanolab’ s multi-use cosmeceutical balm.  

Something’s been missing from your handbag, your pocket, your make-up kit, your life. It’s Lanolab! It is the one-stop-shop you need when you least expect it. • Apply it over your lipstick for some extra shine. • Use it to soften your cuticles • Use it to shape your brows.
Be prepared for (almost) anything with Lanolab.

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Let’s talk ingredients 

Our beauty balm is 100% natural papaya that reduces inflammation while lanolin creates a breathable barrier, allowing the skin and irritations to heal while protecting from any outside elements. Thanks to a powerful combination of soothing lanolin and skin-calming papaya extract, Lanolab is the beauty balm that can literally go absolutely everywhere with you.


The hero ingredient in our natural multi-use balm is lanolin. You are probably already using products that contain lanolin without even knowing it. Nipple creams and lip balms contain this moisturising emollient. The oil in the lanolin is refined and assists with hydrating, nourishing, and moisturising your skin.


Lanolab’ s other hero ingredient is papain which assists with reducing any inflammation such as sunburn. Another amazing property of this enzyme found in papaya extract is its anti-bacterial properties which will assist with any irritating skin irritation.


 Ways to get naturally glowing skin with our cosmeceutical balm

To all our beautiful makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, Lanolab is your go-to for brow shaping and moisturising your eyelids. It’s also perfect to add for an extra layer of shine over your lipstick. You can even use it alone to add a natural gloss to your lips while locking in moisture, making sure you always look flawless with Lanolab.


 Lip Glow

Natural lip glow with Lanolab


Our favourite and most popular use for Lanolab is using it as a natural lip sheen. Not only will your lips have that extra glow, but they will stay nourished and hydrated. We know this cosmeceutical use for our balm is our number hit with our thousands of followers but anyone on acne medication will also benefit from using Lanolab on their lips as it contains pharma-grade lanolin, (found in nipple creams) so it will relieve any flakiness around your lip area.

 Cheek Highlighter

Model-with-hand-on cheek-with-make-up-and-glowing-skin
Glowing skin


Lanolab makes cheeks shimmer and shine! Did you know that our balm is many a makeup artists’ secret weapons? Lanolab is a must for dry skin areas – but it is also a highlighter in a tube! Our balm’s two potent ingredients – lanolin and papain will nourish your skin perfectly. As a beauty balm, it’s perfect for creating a subtle sheen and a dewy skin finish. Glow get ‘ em, girl! PS. Your cupid’s bow will pop with a dot of Lanolab too!

Eyebrow shaper

Look flawless with Lanolab

You might not know that while our balm is the perfect balm for giving your lips a glow, it’s also perfect for using to smooth your eyebrows into place. Yet another way to look flawless with Lanolab.

t’s also great for applying to your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow. The lanolin will prime your eyelids perfectly so that your eyeshadow will go on way smoother. Are you having trouble keeping your brows in place? Lightly apply the lip moisturizer to your brows, then use a brow brush to shape them.

Cuticle Care

Applying-Lanolab - to-cuticles
Cuticle and hand care with Lanolab


Lanolab is hands down the best cuticle care. Use Lanolab to prevent and cure dry, cracked, and peeling cuticles – simply massage this miracle balm into your cuticles regularly and watch how the powerful combination of soothing Lanolab and papain works to soften, hydrate, and heal. Zero parabens, preservatives, fragrances, or colourants gives you absolute peace of mind – Lanolab is so effective, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


 Let Lanolab lend a helping hand

Lanolab multi-use balm


Dry, cracked hands are so painful and uncomfortable. And the drying effects of hand sanitiser only makes the problem worse. Thank goodness for Lanolab. This power-packed tube of natural goodness can help treat and soothe dry hands – thanks to the powerful combination of the magical papaya enzyme, papain, and lanolin. Lanolin locks in moisture, while papain’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help speed up the healing process.

Lanolab miracle balm helps soothe and hydrate hands that need some help – the powerful combination of pure lanolin and papain helps calm irritated skin and offers an intense moisture boost. And no parabens, preservatives, colourants, or fragrance means what you see is 100% what you get.

Keep a tube in your handbag or desk drawer to apply throughout the day, and another on your bedside table so you can slather on generously before turning off your bedside light at night. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results.

Hydration for your Heels

Time to get those summer slops and sandals out. Lanolab will keep your heels nourished. Apply overnight for best results.

 Taming Flyaway Hairs

A little skincare hack is to take the leftover balm from your fingers and apply it to any unruly flyaway hairs. On days when your hair has flyaways, where stray strands are sticking out of your updo, or your hair is frizzy, rub lip balm between your fingers and gently brush back the wayward hairs to create a smoother look.


Here are what some of our loyal customers have to say

Model-applying-Lanolab-to elbows
Lanolab for elbows


 “I used the balm on lips as a prep & prime. And on brows to keep them in shape. Amazing product.”

– Cape Town Make-up artist.

“Fantastic product. Uses are endless. Cuticles, dry hands, feet, elbows. Would go as far as to say better than Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour balm! A favourite in all gifts I give.” 

-Brenda, a customer who purchased directly

 “Using this product on my flaking nails and I can already see an improvement within a week.” 

Lynette, a customer who purchased directly from

 “I was looking for a product, particularly for my hands. They get extremely dry in winter and my hands end up looking aged as a result. I have tried a few different products and recently came across lanolab. In comparison to other products, I have noticed that my hands don’t feel dry once the product is washed off. So it’s definitely a win for me. Using it on my lips as well and I’ve experienced the same. No need for continuous application and it has a lipgloss look. 

-Fatima, a customer who purchased directly from


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