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My new favourite, all-natural beauty balm!


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I am SO excited to introduce you to my new favourite, all-natural beauty balm!

Meet Lanolab

Meet LANOLAB: A proudly South African, multi-use balm that’s manufactured locally & works to exfoliate & hydrate the skin, heal & soothe minor burns and wounds, and speed up the healing process for cuts & minor rashes.


Lanolab balm


I LOVE that LANOLAB (R95 – BUY) is fragrance-free (fragrance is the biggest irritant in skincare) and along with Lanolin – a clean, natural ingredient – it contains a papain extract.



Papain is the enzyme extracted from the fruit of the papaya, which works on the surface of the skin to break down dead skin cells. It has excellent exfoliating & hydrating properties – especially when applied topically. It also contains vitamins A & C which both have anti-inflammatory properties & help reduce skin inflammation.It is renowned for its ability to speed up the healing process for cuts & minor rashes.


Lanolab multi-use balm with papaya

Lanolin oil is a secretion from sheep’s skin

Lanolin oil is a secretion from sheep’s skin. It’s very similar to human sebum – an oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. Because it’s so natural, it’s often found in products such as lip balms & nipple creams.

Lanolin is one of the best non-comedogenic (won’t block pores), natural moisturising agents

It is one of the best non-comedogenic (won’t block pores), natural moisturising agents available because the oils in lanolin are almost identical to ours. Lanolin is commonly found in lip balms & lotions as it works to lock in moisture while restoring & nourishing the skin. It soothes and hydrates very effectively and is great at protecting the skin in harsh weather conditions because it seals in moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe.

Lanolab balm



Lanolab is a great choice for those who prefer natural products

LANOLAB is a great choice for those who prefer natural products over more synthetic ones and want to support a locally produced South African product.

If I had to compare LANOLAB to another product, I’d say it’s very similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, except that it has no fragrance, so even the most sensitive, reactive skin can use it.


Soothes & heals dry, chapped lips

Nourishes dry cuticles

Shapes eyebrows

Tames flyaway hairs

Soothes any redness after waxing

Gives the lips a natural glow

Soothes sunburnt skin

Soothes saddle sore, gravel rash or post-run & surfing chafing

Soothes & heal cracked heels

Soothes nappy rash

Soothes cracked nipples



It’s also important to mention that LANOLAB is free from Parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, silicones, GMO and, as mentioned previously, fragrance.

LANOLAB is a super clean, very natural formula. It’s NOT Vegan because it contains lanolin.

The balm retails for R95 a tube & is available to purchase on the brand’s website HERE & at various stockists listed HERE

Q&A with LANOLAB owner Maryam Ahmed

What sets LANOLAB apart from other multi-use balms on the market? 

LANOLAB is locally manufactured & 100% natural with no petrochemicals or fragrances. Both of the ingredients are of premium quality – our lanolin is a pharma-grade one. There are no other skin repair balms on the market that have as many uses. It’s your gym bag/diaper bag/ tog bag /cosmetic bag necessity.

I LOVE the fact that LANOLAB is fragrance-free, however many consumers – who don’t understand how irritating fragrance can be to the skin – may be put off by the product’s natural smell. What would you say to these consumers?

I love this question! Perhaps 1% of customers have commented that their kids thought the balm had a “funny” smell, but after applying it to dry lips a number of times, they all love using it. I would compare the smell to any other product containing papaya. Personally, I don’t ever purchase lip balms that have fragrance, as I find them too drying for my lips.

By not adding fragrance to LANOLAB, we’ve managed to keep it natural & haven’t needed to add preservatives or additives – this is important to many consumers.

What inspired you to create LANOLAB?

LANOLAB was started in 2014 when my husband was looking for a multi-use balm to assist with chafing, saddle sores, gravel rash and dry lips from harsh weather conditions during multi-day sports events. We could not find anything locally and decided to team up with a pharmacist to formulate the perfect product.

What has been your biggest obstacle in bringing LANOLAB to market?

Distribution is currently the biggest challenge. We have had so many national orders and enquiries from customers, so it would be amazing to have outlets in those provinces. As a start-up / new business, brand awareness is something we are working on 24/7 to get the word out.


I have a lovely LANOLAB / DESRAY hamper valued at R1000 up for grabs.

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