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"Love,love love the body cream.It's really light and non-greasy and it feels silky smooth when you put it on. It's so moisturising and luxurious.”

-Lara | Intense body cream review

"I mix the balm with my foundation as it gives me this really nice glow, so that I don’t have to wear too much make-up. I literally wear it all the time.”

- Rifqa | Comeceutical review

I used the balm on her lips as a prep & prime. And on brows to keep them in shape. Amazing product”

- Moenieba Solomon | Makeup Artist @pncmakeup

”Your body cream has allowed my girlie to rest and sleep and be comfortable for the first time ever. Her skin is now beautiful, soft, and calm, and her hands are smooth and soft. I don't think I will ever be without a tub of this cream in the house - it is truly wonderful, and it works! What a transformation!”

- Kate | email review

“ I used a sample of the body cream & noticed how my daughter' s eczema on her arms & tummy cleared. I then purchased the balm & body cream. Believe it or not her skin is clear with no itchy spots."

- Sakienah |Skin Irritation feedback

“ The balm that saved my buttocks & from me visiting the bum clinic at The Cape Epic. From stage 3 I applied it after every ride & it worked it’s magic overnight.”

- Letshego Zulu | Triathlete feedback

“I really love the balm & recommend your product to everyone I know. It’s saved my lips during winter & now through a heavy course of Roaccutane.”

- Maeve |

“We have been using a pharmaceutical bum cream on Ru but when her rash suddenly got worse I applied a generous amount of Lanolab and by the end of the weekend she was 100%. This thing works!”

- Potso Mpandawana | Nappy rash feedback

“The multi-use balm that is changingthe world one ube at a time."

- Davida | Balm review

“Blown away by how quickly the balm worked on a burn (I had picked up a boiling hot pot and my fingers were scorched.) This should be in every bag. From burns to stings, grazes, lip balm, the works.”

- Sue @VitagirlSA | First-aid pharmaceutical review

"I was using the balm for my lips & my daughter's skin around her nails. I am even more impressed with the balm as my 5 month old baby is teething & his excema flared up in a raw spot.I applied this & wow!3 days later it's gone."

- @Pomegrante Wellness customer | Skin irritation review

“I can't tell you how much I love the balm. Helped with my husband's psoriasis and dry skin.

- Deshnee | Skin irritation review

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