We chatted to Ash from FitMom about her fitness journey 


We chatted to Ash from FitMom about her fitness journey and what tips she has for anyone wanting to start their fitness journey.

Ash’s fitness journey began at a young age. She always enjoyed being active and entered various sports events at a provincial level from a young age.

Her love for running started when participating in Cross Country at High School. This then led to half marathons at University and eventually The Comrades Marathon a few years later in 2010.

This year she completed the full Cape Town Marathon which is a 42km road running race– congratulations Ash!


FitMom -running -The Cape Town Marathon

FitMom Ash at The Cape Town Marathon 2019

Becoming a mom

Ash continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy and after her first son was born, she explored ways that she could lose the baby weight (quickly!)


Ash-Lavino-FitMom -sitting-with-kids-on-couch-jpeg.

Sweat1000 training and classes

She signed up with SWEAT1000 and started participating in their hour workout sessions.

Within months she had completed the instructors’ course and began teaching classes.

It was like the penny had finally dropped! Ash was ready to expand her fitness journey to the next level.

Specialised training

She had her honours degree in Finance from and was employed by international corporations as well as having the teaching qualification.

Ash maintains that nothing was more rewarding than training people on how to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest versions of themselves and that this was the industry she wanted to be in full time.

With a Personal Trainers course specialising in pre & postnatal fitness Ash was ready for her next venture and to inspire others into starting their fitness journey.

Launch of FitMom

Ash launched FitMom once qualified and after her second child was born.

FitMom specialises in training, guiding, supporting, empowering and transforming the lives of women. I started in 2015 as a “mobile personal trainer.” Since then, I have employed another trainer, Lauren Pienaar, and this is what we get up to:

  • Personal training
  • Online workout & eating programmes
  • A running group called Fit & Fast. It is by invite only for serious runners. We currently have 14 members.

“Every day I get to do what I LOVE! I teach, train, inspire & empower women about the important role of health & fitness – both physically & emotionally. It’s so rewarding seeing their fitness journey grow. “says Ash.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness and when I am not training, I am always sharing my expertise by training other women.

Women’s Wellness Retreats

A recent addition to her training sessions is “ladies-only” weekends away in Cape Town and Jo’burg where you will find yourself in a tranquil, beautiful setting for two nights surrounded by a group of inspirational, like-minded women.

Ash has realised how desperately women need a break. Something that feeds their soul & which allows them to return to their families feeling rejuvenated and restored. These Women’s Wellness Retreats provide the ideal space for this to happen.

The weekend comprises of trail running, wine tasting, lazy lunches, delicious food, yoga, a FitMom boot camp and so much more. And the best part of all is that you don’t have to arrange a thing – book your spot & leave the rest to Ash & her team!

If this is something that you need in your life, find out about availability at the next one: https://fitmomsa.co.za/womens-wellness-retreats/



Ash’s nine tips on maintaining a fitness journey

1. Never skip Monday.

2. Schedule your workouts on a Sunday evening.

3. If you have children, let your partner know your plan so that they can support your fitness journey.

4. Always set your own personal and realistic goals.

5. Track your goals for motivation, an idea is by taking photos of your fitness journey.

6. Training with a partner will make you accountable.

7. Mix up your training (different classes at different times) so that you don’t get bored.

8.Top tip when starting your fitness journey

9. Give yourself one hour of exercise per day, which has a positive knock-on effect on all other aspects of my life.



Why pack Lanolab in your gym bag?


Ash -FitMom-holding-a-tube-of-Lanolab

Ash FitMom holding Lanolab balm


 Lanolab is the perfect sized balm to keep handy in your gym or cosmetic bag.


Protects from harsh winter weather conditions & sun

After an outdoor fitness session in harsh weather conditions, Lanolab will combat dry and sunburnt lips, cheeks and noses in no time.

Soothes post-run chafe & grazes

Lanolin and papaya enzyme both have nourishing qualities which will assist in healing any post-run chafing or grazes.

Won’t burn or sting the affected area

Unlike other anti-bacterial ointments, Lanolab won’t burn or sting when applying it on an open graze, wound or chafed area. It is always best to apply after a warm shower.

You can order your tube online here at https://lanolab.co.za/cart/?add-to-cart=28900

To find out more about the FitMom sessions and how you can join, see the below links.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitmomSA/
Website: http://www.FitMomSA.co.za