What are the first-aid kit essentials for every home?

A well-stocked first-aid kit is a must for every home. Having the right supplies will ensure you can handle an emergency at a moment’s notice.


Ask the pharmacist

We chatted to pharmacist, Yasin Khan to ask him what the essentials are that he would pack in his first-aid kit.

Yasin worked as a pharmacist dispensing medication for over 9 years before furthering his studies and completing an MBA and for this reason we couldn’t think of a more experienced person in the pharmaceutical industry to share insight into the necessities for a first-aid box.

“Remember, these first-aid kit items should aid with battling 80% of the problems that people normally encounter. A first-aid kit is not for long term treatment, it’s aim is to stabilise until you are able to seek further medical attention” says Yasin.

First-aid kit checklist

Latex gloves

Gauze dressings

Adhesive bandages & plasters

Burn shield

Antihistamines -These should work for most types of minor allergic reactions.

Anti-inflammatory medication

Anti-nausea medication

After sun lotion


Why keep L A N O L A B?

 Our two ingredients are 100% natural and safe for the whole family to use which makes it the perfect necessity in your first-aid kit.

Lanolab contains two natural ingredients

Papaya enzyme

The anti-bacterial properties of papaya enzyme will assist with speeding up the healing process while  allowing the skin to breathe.


This is our main ingredient ! Lanolin assists with protecting and nourishing the skin while locking in moisture.

Who can use Lanolab?

Toddlers & kids

Apply Lanolab multi-use balm on the the area to sooth any minor cuts ;grazes and scratches from falls from carpet burns ;grass or outdoor surfaces.



Most moms are familiar with the ingredient lanolin which is known as a nipple cream saviour. Lanolab contains this wonder ingredient too and is ideal to use to heal sore and cracked nipples. It works miracles in soothing nappy rashes too.

Athletes, cyclists & surfers

Whether you suffer with chafing; saddle sores; grazes ; cuts or gravel rash – Lanolab will be your best friend in assisting with soothing and healing those tender areas after a cycle; run or surf.

female -athlete-running -outdoors - in - gym - kit

What does Lanolab do?


Soothes mosquito bites & itchy bites

Summer means mosquito season! The anti-inflammatory properties in our balm make it a miracle solution for soothing mosquito & itchy bites.

It’s also ideal to use to relieve sunburnt patches of skin after a long day in the sun.

Assists in healing minor burns ;skin abrasions & wounds

Unlike many other ointments, Lanolab won’t sting and is easy to apply. It assists with healing minor burns; skin abrasions and wounds.

Soothes rashes

Lanolab is the perfect balm to apply to rashes.



Pharmacies in Southern Suburbs that stock Lanolab are :

Nu Pharmacy ; Reddam & Synergy Tokai.

Westerford Kwikspar & Lite-Kem Pharmacy are also stockists as well as: http://www.savashair.com/